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Just hanging around
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Hey there! Do let me introduce myself...


I'm Sarah Duff  I'm an online coach obsessed with helping women get the results they want from their lives, to help them free themselves from the struggles they encounter every day; low self-worth, feeling unhappy and unconfident, tortured by the poor relationship they have with themselves and the shackles of being on a permanent diet but never getting the results they dream of. 


I'm from a place in the UK called Hull but I live in London, I'm obsessed with traveling, love vintage clothes think I'm a total comedian and if I could make one dish totally calorie free it would be cookie ice cream sandwiches (Drooling like a baby right now!)

  • I have good days and bad days

  • I have cellulite and broken veins

  • Sometimes I eat cake and drink wine 

  • Sometimes I say and do the wrong thing

Overall, I'm a just a normal woman trying to figure me and my life out just like you, wishing it came with a manual, but just doing my best to be my best me.

My life mantra "41 & life is only just BEGINNING,"

Every time I write my age I do a double take, really 41 how did that happen, I literally feel I'm getting younger by the day (other than the odd creak!)

In my mind, I'm only in my 20's, but I have all the wisdom, hindsight and life experience of someone who's been around a bit longer!

Over the years I've struggled through;


  • low self-worth

  • poor body image

  • restrictive dieting

  • binge eating

  • an unhealthy relationship with food and training

  • not really being sure of my purpose

  • feeling like I didn't belong

  • failed relationships

  • a fear of never being content with my life

  • Being a people pleaser

  • Feeling sad and lonely 

As tough as it is to deal with the crazy things life throws our way (Obvs I never asked for help that would have been too easy!) you learn an absolute truck tonne of stuff about yourself and  this is the bit that excites me the most, because I'm such a blabbermouth I can't keep what I learned to myself.


I want to teach YOU how to age in reverse (it's mostly in the mind)  to embrace the reality that age really is just a number, that at any time you can start rewriting your life story and changing things for yourself.


That the natural stages of life (peri-menopause anyone?!) is not a sign that life is over and you should just give up.

I am on a mission to help other women end their struggles and start becoming THE best version of themselves, to learn how to love themselves to the moon and back and get what the truly deserve out of life.

I want to help as many women as I can finally find their best balance in life, to stop all the crazy yo-yo dieting, the grueling and exhausting self-sabotage, the negative inner dialogue and end the days of self-shaming their body because you don't feel good enough. (I used to spend 5 minutes every morning just pulling myself to pieces in the mirror)


I'm not perfect, I'm still on my life journey and I absolutely don't have everything figured out.


But I want to use my experiences and insight so far to help and inspire you to stop just existing day to day and really start living, to become more self-aware of who you are as a person and how much you have to offer to the world, and empower you to speak your truth, because your truth and your true authentic self are 100% enough.

Much love S xxxxxx