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I welcome you from the bottom of my heart and however you found me I am so grateful you did because I’m excited to tell you that you have just landed somewhere that will transform your future.

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STOP Wasting Your Time On Diets, Supplements And Workout Programs That Empty Your Wallet, Dictate Your Life… And Never Produce The Results You Want​

My Sassy Strong Coaching Program will teach you how to get superhero strong, flexible AF and increase your stamina so you feel energised every darn day AND you will get a nutrition program created for YOU and YOUR individual needs. 

100 Days of Intensive Coaching Designed for YOUR Individual Needs​

Hello, my little firecracker,


Are you tired of spending your hard-earned cash on useless supplements that deliver nothing but a hole in your bank account?


Have you ever wondered why, no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to be able to get the results you want?


Are you tired of playing the guessing game and ready to start getting some actual results?

If you nodded your head to any of these questions then you've come to the right place.


My name is Sarah Duff and I'm the owner of Sarah Duff Lifestyle & Fitness as well as a Precision Nutrition & Body Type Certified Coach & woman on a mission to help people get healthier, I work with countless individuals on a daily basis, most of whom have the exact same goal:

To Feel Awesome & Get Confident in Your Own Skin​

Since you're here, I'm assuming you are striving to achieve this exact same goal and, fortunately, it's your lucky day because I can arm you with the skills to help you finally achieve it!


In my 100days group coaching program, I will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that you get your best ever results ever, the results you've been missing up until now.


Over the course of the 100days, I will provide you with both written and video-based material to teach you how to achieve your goal & more crucially how to maintain it for the rest of your life.

What's more, we will have our very own private community where you will have daily access to me and all other members so you can always get your questions answered, so you no longer have to feel confused or as if you're on this journey alone.

Most Importantly You Will Have Me To Support You and Hold You Accountable 

A lot of coaches give out the exact same guidelines to everyone regardless of experience, goal, lifestyle or mindset and they don't give ongoing support or daily accountability.


Which does mean, a lot of coaches don't get their clients making progress


I'm proud to say that one of the main reasons my clients consistently make incredible progress is down to me arming them with the correct tools for their success, my constant support and holding them 100 per-cent accountable.


I don't believe in handing someone a program then just walking away and expecting them to just crack on, we all need help and support and to me, it's an integral part of how I coach.

What kind of results are my clients getting?​

Meet my “Lizzy loo”, She runs a business so is insanely busy. Before starting with me as a client over a year ago she hadn’t stepped foot inside a gym, now she’s deadlifting 1.2 x her own body weight and has gone from having no clue about nutrition to now knowing exactly how to eat for her goals and totally loves the changes to her physique.

Meet Chantel a busy mum of 2, who decided she wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition. I couldn’t be prouder she committed and was consistent through the whole process and even when life got in the way she never gave up and actually won in her category for her very first show.

A few words from current members

"She has made me see my body in ways that I’ve never seen it before and the training programmes she’s written have made me stronger not just physically but mentally.  I have a better relationship with food my body and the scales " Kim current Sassy Strong member  18.11.18

" I have gone from strength to strength both physically and mentally, and she's made sure that even when I falter, giving up isn't even on the cards." Emily current Sassy Strong member 18.11.18

My 100 Day Group Coaching Program Includes...​

Heading 2

Nutrition Guidelines Designed Just For You…You will receive your own personalized calorie and macronutrient guidelines if this appropriate for your nutrition level and this will be closely monitored throughout the entirety of the course (100days).


A Daily Touche Tap From Me ( yeah I'm not shy)  … I will create an exclusive Facebook group for all you awesome peeps taking part and this is where you can post ask questions/ photos random facts and really get to know each other. I’ll be in diving into the group and answering questions on a daily basis.


Progressive Strength Training Programs – The programs will be updated every 5 weeks so during the 100 days you get 3 programs and which includes access to my exercise videos.


A Free Copy of my “The Lazy Cooks Guide to Lean Eating”  … A download of a super easy and very calorie friendly recipes that seriously even the worst cook in the world who has no time will be able to make.


3 Metabolic Strength Bodyweight Circuits … You will get 3 bodyweight interval training programs specifically designed to increase your strength and endurance while getting you more defined and the best part is you don't need a single piece of equipment. 


3 High-Intensity Fat-Burning DB Circuits  ..You will get 3 Dumbbell based circuits designed to increase strength and ramp up your metabolism so you can lose fat as quickly as possible.


3 Butt Building Metabolic Conditioning Circuits...You will get 3 of my most challenging body tingling band and barbell based circuits, specifically designed to get you a strong and powerful touche and to increase your flexibility.

Are You In? 

The cost for Sassy Strong at the minute is only £16.50 a week paid month to month. 

If you're ready to get started then send an e-mail me to:

right now!



1. Put "YO SARAH GROUP COACHING" in the subject line so I don't miss your e-mail.

2. Spaces are limited and may not open up again till well into next year once filled