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These are a snapshot of the results I get with my clients but all my clients achieve more than just the physical change you see here.

My approach as a coach is to address all aspects of an individuals wellbeing so this means I work on a deeper level with my clients so the physical changes are made alongside the mindset and mental changes they need to become their best selves.

5 months

6 months

3 months 

3 months 

3 months 


14 weeks

4 months

6 months

A few words... 


3 months 

Hiring Sarah was the greatest and most unexpected gift I have given myself.


I had lost 50 lbs and kept it off for 6 years. I had worked with personal trainers, working out four or five days a week, but was frustrated that my hard work wasn’t showing.


I was fairly slender but did not have the tone or strength development that I expected from all the effort I was putting in. All of that changed with my work with Sarah.


She brought me beyond the gym to help me learn about proper nutrition and mental well being.


Sarah helped me to overcome my fears of eating more calories and seeing the scale move in the “wrong” direction.


Through her guidance, I began to see the results I wanted in my body while having more energy for my family, friend and all the rest of life! Through our work together, I grew fearless and confident in a way I had not felt in my entire adult life.


We explored the emotions and mindset that had held me back in the past, launching me into a more positive mental place.


Through her concise, challenging workouts, nutrition guidance and mindful support, Sarah has helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin as a mother in my 40s than I did as a twenty-something.

She is the best investment I have ever made.


5 months


I found Sarah on a google search one afternoon after not feeling great about myself and my body and I wanted to make a change. I have been working with her for 5 months and it has been life changing.


Initially, my goals really revolved around cosmetic changes. Losing weight and inches have been exciting rewarding as I’ve never been able to manage a consistent workout schedule and diet by myself.


I have also found much more joy in getting stronger. The workouts are fun, simple and challenging.


Sarah does a fabulous job at creating plans that fit your lifestyle and abilities. I was in a sad state at barely being able to do 3 “girl” pushups in a single workout session. Now I can do nearly 30 regular pushups in a day (with some breaks!) and am working to perfect my form and soon a pull-up!


Sarah is positive, helpful and encouraging. She checks in often to make sure you’re working toward your goals and helps in any way she can.


She gives nutrition protocols that work with your lifestyle and preferences, working on creating lifelong habits, and not quick fixes and if something isn't working she helps find a solution.


I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help in achieving their goals! She is so fun to work with!



"I live outside of London and have been working with Sarah online for about 10 months now and previous to that I was a one on one client of hers.


I could not recommend Sarah more highly as a coach. I started looking for a coach as I wanted to do something proactive to try and fix the muscle imbalances & get stronger.


From the beginning, Sarah was helpful and supportive, making sure she had fully assessed my range of movement and limitations and then devising a tailored program for me to follow.


Every element of her programming feels useful, my overall strength has massively increased, and I no longer have any back pain! 


I’ve learned to really enjoy working out and feel as though she has given me a really solid grounding and understanding of the way my body works and how to have an efficient gym session. I am deadlifting & squatting with more confidence & heavier than I ever thought I would & my buns of steel are coming along nicely. 


More than this though, I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been, and I have a much greater understanding of my habits, and the things that are stopping me achieving my goals. 


The nutrition coaching has also been a complete revelation, having gone into the sessions thinking I knew what I should be eating but wasn’t doing it, I feel like my outlook on food has been transformed, and I have an understanding of changes I can make so that I can eat what I want, all thanks to Sarah’s guidance. 


I have also recently recommended that my sister & mum start to online train with Sarah as I know she to will benefit from her coaching.


Sarah goes over and above, I couldn't be happier that I decided to start training with her, with her support I feel as though I've been able to make lifestyle changes that will stick with me for life."



“Sarah holds a very realistic approach to coaching an individual. Even whilst I came with some knowledge of training and nutrition from various coaches, she took it back to the basics so that I could form habits which would help me realise my goals without needing to think too much - just what everyone is looking for right? 

She takes time to plan out small goals that are obtainable which make you feel good about yourself and helps you get to your goals. 

I was so grateful for this approach as it didn’t feel like it was an all in all the time approach. 

I loved how Sarah would check in to make sure things were going well for the week and make adjustments if things happened, teaching you what to look out for in the future to make the lifestyle sustainable. She really takes care of her clients and I’m so thankful to have met her.”




 I had been following Sarah’s Instagram page for a few months and eventually decided that I wasn’t happy with my body so I got in touch and things have been amazing ever since then.


At first, we started making small changes and gradually increased them over time so it didn’t feel like a huge upheaval at the time but looking back now I’ve made some massive changes from the person I was 3 months ago.


I was having takeaways 2/3 nights per week, having at least 3 cans of Diet Coke every day and didn’t have the confidence to venture into the gym, but now I’ve made the takeaways once a fortnight at most (and still working on reducing this further!), haven’t had more than one can of Diet Coke per WEEK in ages and I’m happily doing the workouts that Sarah provided me with from home where I’m much more confident and happy. 


The best thing I can say about Sarah is how unbelievably supportive she is all time time. Sometimes I’ll be having a really bad day with my eating but she’ll be there with her infectious enthusiasm picking out the positives and suggesting ways to make small improvements that I never would’ve done before. Any time I’ve got questions she’s always happy to answer and advise, and I’ve learnt so much about fitness and nutrition in a short space of time. Sarah’s focus is very much on changing your lifestyle rather than just going on crazy diets, and I’m finding myself unconsciously making better, healthier decisions as I’m walking around the supermarket now. 


Both the training and nutrition plans that Sarah puts together are so adaptable, and I’ve never felt like I was having to be put out to accommodate these changes. I never seem to do things that easy way so I’m sure it’s not been easy for her, but she’s always there ready with solutions and suggestions on how I can improve no matter what situation I find myself in. 


I really do feel like Sarah’s been able to change my life for the better and already I’m a much happier, healthier person. So thanks Sarah, you’re the best!